Services Offered provides integration of software and services for SMB’s (small and medium businesses).

Expertise and areas of focus include:

  • Project Business Cases
    • Discovery Projects – Assess and determine needs for improved business systems
    • Launch Projects – Implement business system solutions
    • Recovery Projects – Re-visit earlier business system projects and harvest additional value
  • Enterprise System Implementations (Direct Support and Support Referrals)
    • Finance and ERP Suites (Epicor and others)
    • CRM (Epicor,, SugarCRM)
    • Other (Adaptive Planning – Budgeting and Forecasting)
    • Other (WordPress Blogs)
  • Contract Services
    • Finance, Accounting, Financial Reporting
    • Project Management, Business Analysis

Enterprise Systems Assessment

Please contact us about our Enterprise Systems Assessment.

The assessment process includes guided questionnaires, interviews, and follow-up report. Enhancing systems and processes for your company will also enhance personal productivity for your company’s team.

The Enterprise Systems Assessment can be done on-site or remotely.

Use Linked-In or Twitter or the Contact Form on this website as ways to connect or call 719.510.7731.

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